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Am now conflicted about what I post above re: the GP. Have found out from Friedman that the cholesterol will probably go down in two months, as it takes about that amount of time to catch up with the endocrine system.

Also, as my blood levels went to what Friedman called "pefect" in five weeks, guess what happened with my quick adjustment under his care? I have developed hyper-thyroid symptoms.

I saw my GP this week. She had me on what Friedman calls a "homeopathic" dose of thyroid hormone exactly because she has seen people develop hyper thyroid symptoms when they have a quick adjustment like Friedman gave me. She likes Friedman and respects his work, and told me it should take abour four months for things to resolve. Four months? That is a really long time, ladies.

In any case, I should have talked to her as soon as I saw Friedman rather than just assume that she was giving me poor care. Now, after all, I can see that her judgment may have been warranted.

After going through hair loss, dry skin, no sex drive, sleep, sleep, sleep et al. while being symptomatic with hypothyroidism for about a year--at least my blood levels were hypo for a year; it appears that I was hypo with "normal" blood levels for a very long time--a few weeks ago, guess what?

Libido returned with a vengeance. Thank God for my vibrator! Seriously. Thank god and thank more than a few Goddesses for it!

After not having thought about sex for a year, one night I had an absolutely engorged feeling deep in my pelvic area. Lots of pressure. Like what I imagine men must feel when they get an erection. I had about twenty huge orgasms, and I am not exaggerating. Then the pressure moved to my clitoris. And I had more.

Seriously. This made me ask if the whole debate about whether orgasms are vaginal or clitoral is really not a question of the female psyche as a social construct at all. Rather, I was experiencing the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms big time owing to the rebirth of my thyroid!

I started to have to take a shower several times a day as I had profuse body odor. Profuse. And last year I had no body odor!

I started to sweat like the dickens and to get heart palpitations and to feel on edge. I became restless and lost sleep.

All of this going in to job training in another part of the country, ladies.

They were not accomodating during the training, either. I let them know that I needed a medical work around, and was told that I had not asked for reasonable accomodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act when I accepted the job.

As a former lawyer, I replied that I had, indeed. When I was offered the job, I noted that my health had been an issue that I had not foreseen when I originally applied last March, but that now that I had received good medical care, everything seemed to be in order.

I am now waiting for HR to come up for air to give me their form for a reasonable accomodation letter.

I love the job. I have had a baptism by fire in it this week and last, but it is a great job.

I just need to get these hyper symptoms under control!

What do you ladies think?

October 6, 2009 - 2:18am


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