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First, let me thank you for continuing to update us on your journey. It is very interesting to learn about the things you have experienced recently, especially with Friedman's protocol and your gp. I think it's frank and honest of you to come back and say hmmm, I may have misjudged here. That's good for all of us to read, especially because we are all encouraged these days to be our own best advocates and to switch doctors if we don't feel ours is being proactive enough. Your experience lets us know that there is an important middle ground.

You love the job! This is something that many people have never experienced. And loving your job will ultimately contribute in good ways to your health overall. I agree, it's worth working on the hyper symptoms and doing what you need to do to keep the job while you get better. Four months seems like a long time when you are dealing with daily symptoms, but in the big picture, that means you should be feeling a lot better by the first of the year. Does that seem doable?

Do you know what sort of reasonable accommodation would help you in the meantime? Do you believe they will be amenable to that, or will it be a fight?

October 7, 2009 - 8:21am


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