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I am so frustrated about all this endocrine stuff. I have been begging my doctors to help me for at least 7 years now and it starting to make me feel like it is all in my head cuz they dismiss me when the numbers in my tests don't say what my symptoms are. At first I saw who I thought was a good Endo named Dr. Mishra. I had gone from 120lbs to 165lbs in a matter of months and nothing I did like eat healthy, exercise every day was helping. I kept gaining weight. She did a Glucose fasting test on me and said my insulin was spiking really high and diagnosed me Insulin Resistant and hypoglycemic. I changed my ways of eating and started on Metformin and lost my weight. Over the years I was diagnosed with PCOS which explained some of my other symptoms like the cystic acne on my face and back and the black hairs I was getting on my stomach and face. But that's when the doctors stopped listening and started explaining every other symptom to those illnesses and nothing was getting any better. It started to get worse. Now I am experiencing; hair loss on my head (receeding hair line big time) and eyebrows (the ends of my eyebrows are almost gone), my white blood count is ALWAYS on the high side with every blood test yet they dismiss it, my body temperature is all over the place...like my hands are burning up hot for no reason or they are freezing for no reason...apparently I have something called Reynaud’s Phenomenon, of course I have painful cystic acne, I am EXTREMELY tired all the time I can't even explain how bad it is... it's like total mental fatigue and like I am in a fog and can't remember stuff at all anymore, my body aches and hurts all the time and I feel so weak, I started getting tendinitis in my right elbow and I am left handed how does that happen?, I swell and retain so much water in my hands and body I have to take a diuretic (dyazide) to keep it from getting out of control or worse, my weight keeps increasing and then I fight to get it down even a little ( I eat very healthy), I have bad episodes with constipation (saw a GI specialist who did a colonoscopy and said there is nothing wrong with my bowls), every time I stand my blood pressure drops so low I feel like I am going to pass out and everything gets all tingly, I have really bad vertigo, I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for so many years now (seeing a therapist) I am all over the place with emotions it feels like a roller coaster, I can never get a full breath and always feel like I am gasping for air like someone is sitting on my chest (my PCP has tried every asthma med and nothing helps at all). I tried seeing a Dr Nagul and he just blows me off and says since my test results show nothing extreme I'm ok. He tested my thyroid but said it was ok. I wonder though cuz my mom had about 90% of hers taken out when she was younger (and has problems now but won't go to a doctor) and a lot of the women in my family have thyroid issues. But my tests all say my levels are fine. I have been looking for a new Endo, someone who will listen to my symptoms and not just look at the numbers. I know something is wrong with my body but no one will help me and I can't take much more. Recently I got bronchitis (never had before) and my PCP but me on Prednisone (never had before) and within days my face was completely clear, my hair stopped falling out, my eyebrows started growing in, my body didn't hurt, I felt great even though I was tired from being sick I didn't have the mental fog and felt like the old me. I hadn't felt that great in over 7 years. I don't understand why that medicine helped me so much but even the side effects of gaining weight and sweating were worth feeling that normal again. Does anyone have any answers for me or maybe can help me in the right direction please! I am thinking of trying to see that doctor Joan Bailey but after reading these posts I am not sure how much luck I will have getting in to see her. I am desperate and need answers but I can't seem to get anyone to help me or will listen to what I am saying about how I am feeling and my symptoms....not the doctors at least.

January 27, 2011 - 2:41am


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