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Thank you Alison for answering my questions.
My fiance's mom was adopted and as far as I can tell was fine until around 16 years old when she got pregnant. (with my fiance) This obviously caused problems with her mom and dad. About a year later her Mom died of breast cancer. Since then till now she has neglected her daughter,( my fiance)and was at odds with her father who became legal guardian of my fiance at age nine. My fiance's mom later married had two more children. She divorced, set her former husbands house on fire and went to prison. And many other such similar things took place, including chronic substance abuse. We have no contact with her and I will not allow our children to have contact with her. I don't believe she is under any ones care at this time.
Thank you again.

June 23, 2009 - 3:54pm


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