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First of all MJ"s autopsy is not finished so you have no business saying that he died from drugs.Only the gossips are saying that.Its not fact. Heath was a friend, and while he did die from accidently combing meds,what you and everyone else fails to remember,is what the autopsy/coroner said.Heath did not take all those pills at the same time.They were taken over a course of several days.Some were time release.They accumulated in his system over time at the prescribed level and some were even under the prescribed level. He also had Pneumonia, which would have made it easier for the meds to depress his breathing. No alcohol,no high doses. Doctors are the real problem, they never ask what else you are taking! There should be a red flag that comes up in the computer,saying that there is a potential lethal combination of meds,when we go to get one filled. Talking about Heath is good,if it is done properly,with all the facts.He was not a drug addict, he was a down to earth man,just trying to cope with health issues and did what he was told, took what he was told. I have on purpose in the last year went to a few docs and asked for all the same meds Heath was on. Know what? I got them all! Not one Doc/pharmacist told me not to mix them, and only one bottle had a warning on it and all it said was "not to mix with like medications" Sure if a celeb or an average person is found dead with massive amounts of these legal meds, then yes they were abusing them,an addict. If they are like Heath, and were not, then someone else is to blame.The Docs and the entire healthcare system needs to change,big time. They are just another type of drug pusher.Also waiting lists for surgeries are way too long,so the patient ends up having to take painkillers for years sometimes, while they wait. How many more Heath's do we have to lose, before something gets done? RIP Heath,my mate,I am sorry.

July 8, 2009 - 1:20am


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