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I am so glad to hear Im not alone! I have just weaned my 16 month old this week she actually weaned herself ,I have tried to nurse her and she laughs and bits me (she never bit me before) I know she is healthy and old enough to be weaned but I nursed my son untill he was 3years old so this is so different to me he didnt really want to stop even then..I have been so depressed a feel like I am going to cry if I even think about it I dont want to do anything but stay home I kindof feel like Im in a daze and I hate it it feels like it will never go away even though I know it will... I am going to give it alittle more time and then I think I will go to the Dr. and try some medication to help get me through this.I so miss the bond I felt from nursing but this is way beyond that.Thanks for sharing ...Beth

July 15, 2009 - 8:54pm


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