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Wow ... I'm glad I found your site today. I'm actually sitting here crying my eyes out as I read these posts. I quit nursing my 14 month old 3 days ago but I didn't attribute my feelings to the weaning. We were on our way to church with my Mother - In - Law and I actually asked my husband to turn around because I wasn't feeling good. After they left I just sat here and cried! We were only nursing for a few minutes at night so it wasn't an abrupt weaning or anything. I had felt like I really needed to get back on my ADD medicine so I thought now was a good time. Of course I feel guilty for stopping nursing for "myself" (the Concerta). Last night my son pulled on my shirt and sort of fussed when I didn't nurse him but that was it. The last two days I have felt weird! I have been feeling worthless and ill tempered ... everything you guys have been describing! I also had a thought that I was going crazy or something because I had all these depressing thoughts and I couldn't seem to shake it. I have two other children who I weaned at 13 months and 17 months. I honestly don't remember feeling like this before but I'm glad to hear that I am not alone. I just had to write this because already I'm feeling relieved that I am not going crazy :-) I also have a question for you ladies and the milk thing. He hates milk! He never used a bottle so he won't take formula but every time I put milk in a cup he makes a face and throws it down. I've tried adding a little chocolate or strawberry syrup (just a tad) to make it sweeter and it doesn't help. I've also gotten some of those carnation instant shake things and he doesn't like those either. What did you guys do to get your kids to drink milk?
Thanks everyone for letting me ramble!

August 9, 2009 - 8:33am


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