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thank you for a wonderful reply Daine.It seems to be so true.Yes I am a perfectionist and as you described these poeple - i am just so similar to them ...infact i exactly act/behave the way you described them, and may be thats the root cause for my problems/state
And with regards to depression- i have not been into it anytime before as the way i am now.I do have my low times when i am totally down and high times when i am really excited.also i agree with you that sometimes i just feel that all is fine and there's nothing to worry about.i feel blessed ..on the contrary sometimes i feel too worried and that there is no way out.
whatsoever one thing that i am certain about- i am a strong person and i dont want to depend on any therapy or medicines.I would rather prefer to work it out myself and hence i posted my problem on this community.i heard yoga helps good to destress yourself.i have been through few sessions and i found it to be good.
is it possible for you to share some articles as to how "the perfectionists " could tackle themselves.it would be very interesting.
Request you to post your comment on what you feel about my description above.
thank you rosa for your kind words.thank you both of you.

July 11, 2009 - 12:06pm


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