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A saliva test is the perfect place to start. The saliva test measures 4 hormone levels (you would need a blood test for thyroid). The saliva test gives more information than a blood test for hormone levels. A blood test will only tell you if they are withing acceptable range, the saliva test tells the doctor exactly what the levels are.

I am still taking the detox so I will let you know how it is in the end but I can certainly tell the difference already. I am still getting a bit of a headache a few hours after I take the DIM. My skin is already feeling better. It's funny the things our body holds onto.

I go to a compounding pharmacist who has done all my testing. The test gets sent out to a lab in Wisconsin and the results come to him and I get a copy as well. He has been doing bioidentical hormones for over 10 years. When he made his recommendation, he called my doctor to see if he would prescribe it and my doctor did. I also refer friends to a naturopath for testing; Dr. Marcantel is actually a Her Writer as well.

July 13, 2009 - 9:59am


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