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Iam reading this feed as I have pains in my chest . I suffer from severe endometrios and was bleeding for 3 months straight . I have 3 amazing children 9,7 and 8 months . I suffered 4 devastating losses between my second and third children . The doctors as well as my husband have been pushing for the IUD to slow down the pain and bleeding for the past few months . I had the IUD placed 7/7/16 today one week later I am so naasseuos and I have such a tight feeling in my chest I know it's from this IUD ! I turned 34 yesterday and I have been on and off BC from the age of 13 to help treat my endometrios and it had never agreed with me . This is why I was so reluctant to put this stupid foreign object into my body that couldn't see nor control . I will not wait years , months or even weeks I am calling my doctor TODAY I want this thing out . And at this point they can remove my uterus all together ! I refuse to be told I am crazy for voicing my symptoms ! I know my body ! And my body says " I don't like this thing in me , take it out " !

July 15, 2016 - 6:36am


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