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Im having a very similar problem at the moment. I have been with my parter a little over 8 years. At the beginning he was completely in love with me, showering me with compliments, showing me off to his friends, family and social media. Just recently, I don't feel like he's attracted to me anymore. I did the unthinkable yes I logged onto his computer, seen girls names who he keeps searching for on social media, are these the types of women he's more attracted to i ask myself? And why? When i was once his everything, he made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He does watch porn I've noticed in his history, very often, and just recently rather than just the videos which are bad enough, I saw he had been watching 'LIVE PORN' which I think is much worse. We do have sex, but only when he initiates it, when I touch him or initiate it, he either shrugs me off, tells me he's too tired or pretends to be asleep. Does he Think of these women when we have sex? Now I'm questioning am I ugly? I mean I know I'm not, I have lots of anxities concerning my appearance but guys still second look at me when I'm out so surely I can't be right? He started making comments on my small breasts in a 'funny' way, I outright said it I'm sorry that I don't have huge fake boobs like the women in the porn videos. It makes me feel so undesired and ugly. I have no doubt he loves me, but i don't feel pretty anymore, I even got all dressed up in a new outfit when we were going round his parents the other night, no comment, I'll rush to do my makeup and hair before he gets in from work, no comment. I never used it to do this, but I felt like I need to. It's like I'm invisible to him now. I'm getting increasingly more upset by it all every day. But if I mention anything I just get snapped at or told how silly I am to think like that. He listed a huge list of why he was attracted To me, I pointed out none of that mentioned appearance, he then answered I'm gorgeous but it keeps saying to him, so is he saying society wouldn't find me attractive? Sort of answered my question myself right? *sigh*

November 28, 2017 - 3:23am


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