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What the hell kind of an article and title of an article was that Lisa Martinez of EmpowerHer? How about having some facts included with your depressing way describing something normal? We might as well be right back at the turn of the century. Just put us no longer useful, undesirable creatures far away from where anyone can see us.

Who the hell is taking medication? I'm not quite there to pump myself full of hormones. Sex is pretty awesome without worrying about pregnancy. Growing old? Not in the prime of health? What's wrong with me? The fact that I'm one year older than I was last year? I have a good mind to report you to your editor because this is drivel. In fact, I will. Good heavens. The thing one finds on the internet. I'll send you my address so you can have someone pick me up and put on a porch with a rocking chair and nice warm shawl. Sex is only to be had by 25 year old moist gals.

July 7, 2010 - 1:07am


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