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Thank you Michelle and NDF for your kind comments. Actually, I just returned home from the Emergency Room. One of the things on my "call immediately if you experience" list from the oncologist was foot/ankle swelling. So I called immediately and was told to go to the ER as he was concerned about a blood clot. No blood clot thank God, but now concern of perhaps heart damage from the chemo. One more bridge to cross tomorrow. I'm only up now as I am having pain and cannot sleep.

I am quite vocal when it comes to advocating, especially for myself as I had to learn to do this very early on in my HPV diagnosis (1987). However, it is very difficult at this time for several reasons. My only family are my 17 year old daughter who lives with me, and my 25 year old son who lives 5 hours away and is unable to be here because of his line of work. He calls every day, and when he can, he helps out financially. We are relocated here (originally from NJ) and I do not have friends to speak of here and as a single mom it gets difficult.

I am receiving 2 radiation treatments a day and travel back and forth from home (my daughter drives me). In between I am exhausted and just want to sleep. Obviously, I am unable to work at this time and when it comes to obtaining assistance I'm left having to do this myself when I'm extremely fatigued from treatment and would/should be resting. Others cannot make these types of calls/appointments for me because of privacy issues so unfortunately outside of a family member there is no one else who can do this for me besides the hospital social worker. He has been resistant to do anything more than provide lists of more phone numbers to call. It is very tiring and frankly quite exasperating to have to repeat my situation over and over with each phone call. However, I'm working on getting him to do more in the way of obtaining much needed resources for me.

I would never have brought this up, but since you two asked................ My website is listed under my profile. Because of the recent events, an additional page has been added to my website. It can be accessed from the home page and the link is very obvious on the left inside a red border. If you would take a moment of your time to read this new page and respond as you see fit, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your words of encouragement and support. At this time, they are more important that you could ever know.


August 3, 2009 - 12:34am


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