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Thank you everyone! I have truly been blessed in my life in so many ways. One of those ways is the professions I have been in. I am an RN so obviously I have that perspective but can speak not only to other women and patients but to medical professionals as well. I also spent over 12 years as a medical practice administrator. Part of my responsibilities were to oversee the billing and coding and to negotiate managed care contracts. I was able to learn the insurance side of things as a result and can therefore address this issue from that perspective as well. It has all fit together very nicely and while I have at times complained to my girlfriend about having to go through all this, her response was "everything which you have experienced regarding all this (dysplasias, cancers, surgeries and procedures) with HPV has lead to this point in your life and being able to use all that experience to help others." Quite true. I am gratified to know that my posts are helpful and informative - that is my purpose now.


August 3, 2009 - 9:24am


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