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UPDATE: Well I ended up at the ER last night because I developed pitting edema in my ankles and the oncologist was afraid of a blood clot which can be caused by the chemo. After doing an ultrasound they found no clot and sent me home.

Saw oncologist after radiation this morning and he gave me a diuretic and potassium to reduce the edema. Talked to my general practitioner and he was concerned that oncologist didn't send me for cardiac workup since I have no preexisting conditions which would cause this edema. He believes that this is chemo induced congestive heart failure and if has not gone back to normal by the time I finish my radiation tomorrow, I have to go to his office so he can take a look and then is putting me in the hospital for a cardiac workup for two days. He is afraid if we don't address it, I will end up in full blown CHF. Not good because this then throws up in the air what will be done about the next course of chemo. Will I be able to get it? If not, that will drastically affect my treatment outcome so I'm quite scared at the moment.

I will try to have my daughter post an update.


August 3, 2009 - 9:29pm


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