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Thanks I really appreciate all of the info. Everyone I've talked to keeps saying it's my decision to do whatever I think will make me happy. And if I do it, it's one less medical concern I have to worry about. But its a major thing....I don't know my head is in all different directions right now. I try not to feel too sorry for myself, because I mean honestly what will that help? I've got a call into my genectic counsellor to see what her opinion is.

I'm sure at some point soon I will go with the surgery. Breast cancer is scary and while I don't doubt I could make it through chemo and radiation, I'd rather not :)

And thank you for the last comment about me being a nurse. I sure hope so. It definetely made me smile :)
Thanks all and have a good night!

August 4, 2009 - 4:41pm


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