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I am afraid it is your conventional view of pelvic anatomy that is woefully misconceived. There is no “pelvic floor”, but rather a wall of muscle at the back of the body - just like in quadrupeds. It is the strong lumbar curve that makes human bipedal posture possible. All of the pelvic organs are bi-axial, so that the bulk of their weight is carried toward the front of the body and away from the genital hiatus at the back of the body. Natural female posture keeps pelvic organs properly positioned. By age thirty or so, most women have lost natural spinal curvatures because they have spent their lives in spinal flexion - upholstered furniture, car seats, etc. By returning to natural posture the pelvic organs are slowly repositioned. An anti-inflammatory diet helps the process tremendously by correcting the nutritional matrix of connective tissue. The idea that there is a soft-tissue “hole” at the bottom of the body that “holds up” the organs and therefore must be “strengthened” through kegel exercise is being greatly debunked. Your pessary comments are ridiculous. Prolapse is epidemic in postpartum women and pessaries are utilized by women of all ages, along with the many organic vaginal balms available. Christine Kent, Whole Woman.

August 7, 2009 - 6:18am


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