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In need of help... My husband is bisexual but will not allow that thought into his head. I understand that that feeling is something that con not be controlled or changed. My husband came from a very abusive and issued life. His mom and sister prostitute themselves. I have found over the past several years him following Craigslist and chatting with other men about needing a generous man..mostly when times get hard on us. I have tried over and over again different approaches to approach him... Anger, sympathetic, undrrstamding, ext. To only be lied to.. Its not me... Idk what ur seeing but I didn't do it... Emails and such do not lie. Its all in the paper trail. Idk what to do. I am extremely unhappy. I know the best would be to just move on... But I have 3 children and all young where I feel its not best to just move on as I also need his help. I am the only one working and he pays rent?! I can not afford to have my own place and have applied to state help but can not. I also don't like when we happen to stay out of town with family for the night how my kids cry for their daddy.... Although he doesn't do much but play video games all day long when he does have them. We never spend time as a family. He is always sleeping during the day while kids and I go out... But as said again.. The days I work he is there to pick up from school and watch during the day on weekend. I just want him to admit to what we both know is true... Maybe then he will stop hiding in this front he has..

June 6, 2015 - 5:31pm


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