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I know some of these posts are old BUT I am looking for answers! I have had 2 missed periods and am due next week so if that does not come it will be 3!! I have had all negative tests! Including a negative blood test! I had an exam done just over a week ago~ and the doctor said my uterus felt swollen! No cysts or fibroids according to what she felt from her exam ~ I have no pain and if you ask me if I have had pregnancy symptoms~ maybe? but I also have most of those symptoms when I get my period ! the only different thing is the low back ache! I do get low backache when my period is a bout a day or 2 off and then as soon as i get it my period comes the backache goes away! But this is not going away~mild in the day time but at night when i lay down it is really bothersome and is making me exhausted! So I am to go back and be checked again next week? A little background I am 31 and a mother~ my youngest is 5 ~ I have not been on any birth control since before her ~ my husband and I use the vaginal film to prevent pregnancy ~I have a very regular period every 28 days for 3-4 days long~stress ~none~great kids and husband! the only thing that seems to be on my mind is this missing period! If I am pregnant thats ok and if Im not thats ok too! but I really dont want to start any BC or pills without an answer of what could be wrong!

December 15, 2011 - 10:52am


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