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Hi! I am 19 years old and pleased to read the first three pages of this site! Since about less then a year my menstruation became more regular, especially the last couple of months (around 3). However, my period started to became way lighter every time (it still lasted for around 5-6 days, but the last 3 days were very very very light, almost nothing. Now this month I missed my period.... I am 2 weeks late tomorrow,PANIC! I had a lot of stress and were pretty depressed the last 1.5 week. I tested the first time with clear blue digital (day 10 of having missed my first day) with morning urine, negative. I tested again day 12 (tesco brand, evening straight away negative) and day 13 (Tesco brand again) morning urine and straight away negative again. I have had very heavy belly ache the last week (woke up in the night because of it), headache, really painful higher and lower back ache (aspirins do not help at all! also not for the belly ache... not even after taking 4..) really really tired (sleep around 10 hours each day) and sometimes very tensed breast but absolutely not every day.Also I am very grumpy and have lots of negative thoughts (not like me at all!) I have been diagnosed with IBS. My friends say that I actually lost weight and I will visit the doctor tomorrow. I really want and need to know what is going on because this makes me stress a lot! I have tried high doses of vitamine C (6000-6500 mg each day for two days) in combination with a litre - 1.5 litre of parsley tea to induce my period but it didn't work out.... <- that was very stupid btw... It is very annoying all of this, and the negative test and really heavy belly ache make me believe 95% sure that I am NOT pregnant.. I tested correctly and don't use birth control myself (we use condoms and always check them!)

July 8, 2012 - 4:32pm


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