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My cycle is 28-32 days has been regular for about 2 years now, since my body weaned of the depo I assume. I had a normal 7 day period in July was 17 days late had no period in August and spotted for 3 days at the beginning of september. I took an hpt at about 5 days late which was negative and havent tested since. The week of and a couple weeks after the missed period I had nausea without throwing up, no appetite, tender breasts and nipples, and heartburn like crazy. The nausea went away a couple days before i started spotting, the heartburn Hung around and I still have issues with it, still have no appetite, and the tender breasts have turned into the occasional stinging feeling and nipples are sore on and off and the whole nipple area is turning darker and sticking out almost all the time (i usually have flat nipples unless im cold) when I lay down I feel like I just stuffed myself to bursting at thanksgiving and its very uncomfortable. And the last is the discharge, like I've never had enough discharge to notice I had discharge until a few weeks ago and its enough to make me keep thinking I've fully started a period and when i check there's nothing there. That and the fatigue, I'm asleep more than awake. I do fully intend to go to a doctor or a health clinic or something but since i don't have insurance, its gonna take me a bit to pay out of pocket. But with the hpts none of the women in my family ever tests positive till they are 3 or more months pregnant they have to have blood tests and US to determine pregnancy so at this point its like why stress over it and spend the money that I could be saving for a doctor? Cause if I'm not pregnant then there is certainly something wrong with me. And i didn't really have a question, I just actually needed to say what I was thinking. But opinions would be appreciated.

September 16, 2013 - 9:29am


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