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Hi again,
I sincerely hope that it is not cancer. Please try and relax, and good luck at your appointment. Here is information about endometrial (uterine) cancer from the mayo clinic website, it shows the symptoms of endometrial cancer include:
-Vaginal bleeding after menopause
-Prolonged periods or bleeding between periods
-An abnormal, watery or blood-tinged discharge from your vagina
-Pelvic pain
-Pain during intercourse
Like most cancers, if found early, it often can be treated effectively. Is your mother a cancer survivor? I know this must be scary for you. Please know that you are doing the right things, and getting your abnormal period checked out is the smartest thing you can do with your family history.
Good luck, and please come back to update us following your appointment next week.

May 6, 2011 - 12:57pm


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