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ive never felt so downgraded and so low it is me and my fiances anniversay and instead of making love to me i hear him in the bathroom masterbating and he thinks im stupid he has told me he thinks he is addicted to porn but fails to even make a effort to get help i just had his first son on may22,2012 and it seems like the only time we have slept together is when we went out and had a few drinks or he wakes up at wee hours of the night to sleep with me and now that i know about his addiction and he has brought my self esteem so low when he does that i feel as if he just had a dream of him having sex with someone and im the closest thing for him to bang it is destroying me and any women who has had children can back me up on how low you feel after you have them i mean i have stretch marks and i feel like i look disgusting anymore i just wish men knew how much they affect us when they do things like this please someone help me i feel like im loosing controll on everything!!!!

May 1, 2012 - 10:55am


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