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thank you susan for your post i just have alot of things running through my head i am 23 and he is 22 we are still very young but i have never felt this way about a man in my life and i think the 2 biggest reasons of why i havent left yet is 1. i have no income no transportatoin and im basically relying on him for everything and 2. are my children my lil guy is still to young yetbut i also have a 3 year old that is not his that absolutley adores him and i guess and his father ran out on him so he knows him as dad. It kills me to think of how heartbroken he will be its breaking my heart. and ppd i know for a fact that i struggle with that and know that it is only making it worse dealing with the things my fiance is putting me through i feel as if im trying so hard to make it work and he is basically just here and he thinks i should just know that he loves me i just reall dont think he is really thinking about the damage he has done not only the porn but there has been several occasions i have cought him on dating websites and on craigslist and tlking to other females i just really wish i could find some way to get it through his head how much it is hurting me and im sorry im just rambling but i really just need outsides opions other then family and friends

May 1, 2012 - 11:49am


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