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I didn't realize that I had symptoms of PMS until I started paying closer attention to my cycles. I started documenting the first day of my periods and realized that just about two weeks before my period, when I ovulate is when PMS starts kicking in and it will last up until the day I start. I have such an urge to eat unhealthy foods and my energy level plumits to the point where I'm tired more often than not. This has caused me to gain so much weight over time because I would eat horribly for almost the entire duration of those two weeks and not exercise. My mood swings are also off the charts and I'm extremely sensitive as well. I'm thinking about consulting with my gynocologist next visit just to see if I there's a hormonal imbalance or a way that I can get a better handle on it because the symptoms have become more intense over the last couple of years.

August 27, 2009 - 2:32pm


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