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I have experieced those exact symptoms twice over the past 2 weeks. The first time I was visiting family in Atlanta. I go there every year over the April school break and I have never reacted to pollen before, but I just assumed that's what it was. I took Benadril for a couple days and it cleared right up. A week after returning home it happend again. Wake up in the morning with extremely red, puffy, itchy eyelids. By the end of the day the lids almost feel like an open slit has formed with patches of dry, hard skin. I started on the Benadril again and it cleared up within two days. For the patches of dry skin I put some Gold Bond cream on a Q-tip and worked it into the skin. I know this sounds disgusting, but large areas of severely dry skin came right off revealing normal, soft skin underneath. So strange. I've never had seasonal allergies or had an allergic reaction to anything in my life, soaps, make-up, nothing. All clear now and I stopped the Benadril.

May 1, 2014 - 7:25am


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