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I believe I figured out what was causing my allergy issues; itchy, flaky eyelid in the corners, undereye droopiness, itching along with puffiness, a little stye looking bump on my underlid and rash around nose, a little bit of....BLACK MOLD! I found it in our closet next to the bathroom wall. A year or so ago we had a toilet leak, it was fixed and we went on our merry way, little did we know some water had leaked through to the closet and there it sat, festering. Harley, my hero, kept sniffing in that corner relentlessly until I moved the sock organizer away from the wall and, WALA. Now, you would think we would have taken care of it right away but the carpet needed to be pulled out and a little bit of effort made to clean it up, so for 2 weeks it sat exposed, those nasty little spores making their way to me....slowly making me ill. Yesterday I did a lot of research on all my symptoms and low and behold mold came up....when I got home I donned a painters mask and gloves, made a solution of Pool Chlorine and water, pulled that carpet out and set to killing the silent killer. This morning I do not feel nearly as bad and I don't look like I'm 100 years old anymore.

July 8, 2014 - 7:18am


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