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I also have been experiencing the inflamed, peeling, itchy eyes , mostly between the end of August to the end of October here in the San Fernando Valley, Ca. I had a typical seasonal allergy starting about twelve years ago, and then three years ago I started having the eye(s) problem too. I am 62, in good shape with a good immune system, so far. My primary Dr. said it was eyelid/contact dermatitus.....but I could not find a photo, or a good description until I found this site. i have changed everything from detergent to my bed to soap, lotion, etc. My best quess is an outside source.....Oaks, other pollen sources. Maybe stress? maybe pesticides, gmos or chem trails?? Who knows, but I have been taking Claritan every night for the past three years. I have had two blood tests, with little to go by. I can only say that I share anyones frustration who has this eye problem. I will check back periodically.

October 27, 2014 - 10:05pm


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