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After suffering with the eyelid dermatitis for several long months, I discovered the ultimate culprit was my citric acid allergy. I was using Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser on my face and discovered it has citric acid in it. I can, however, use Free & Clear Gentle Facial Cleanser. The bottles look very similar. I stopped using all mascara and only use brown Cover Girl line exact eyeliner which I remove at night with a Q-Tip and warm water so it doesn't touch other areas around my eyes. I pretty much just wash my face with warm water and pat dry. I also only use Free & Clear shampoo and conditioner and hair styling gel. My hairspray is also that brand. I change my pillowcase nightly and only use All Free and Clear laundry dtgt and dryer sheets. I have been free of this terrible condition for about 2 months. When my eye area does come in contact with something that irritates it, I wash with warm water and apply hydrocortisone cream or Protopic which is an expensive ointment I got through the dermatologist. I rarely have to use it though if I keep using only these products.

December 21, 2014 - 9:13am


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