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Swollen puffy eyelids, even crack and weep:
Two Warnings:
- Be careful about using even over the counter cortisol creams, these creams reduce inflammation but also can suppress immune responses and shift the balance in favor of microbes.
- Also be careful of using over the counter antibiotic cream, (Bacitracin etc.), this can reduce one type of bacteria and shift in favor of another.

Possible Remedies:
- Tea Tree oil soap can be useful because it both reduces inflammation and is antiseptic, reducing microbes. Tea Tree oil soap should be rinsed off thoroughly since it can also behave like Lavender oil and, more extreme like BPA, as an "endocrine disrupter".
- If the eyelids develop yellow/gold crusting that can indicate that there is a secondary staph infection and a small amount of antiseptic cream, (don't let it get into the eye), can help clear it up.
- A very helpful remedy can be vitamin E alpha-tocopherol capsules, slit open so the Vitamin E Oil can be applied as a salve lightly over and under the eyelids.

April 24, 2017 - 5:34am


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