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OK, your dry swollen eye lid in the morning. You mostly breath through your nose at night, I have one nostril larger than the other and so the eye lid on that side dry's out and swells as all the dry air passes through, drying out the lymph fluid around the eye lid causing the body to react by swelling and protecting the area. The solution is to line your nostrils with olive oil before going to bed, I use a soaked tissue and push it right up until I can taste olive oil! Also, get your lymph system moving every morning with at least seven hot and cold bursts in the shower, shake and move your head, never breath air conditioned air through your nose, drink lots of water and humidify your house. If your outer skin is also dry (back of arms, elbows etc) you must use coconut oil and a scrubby brush in the shower!

Hope this sorts you lot out!

May 15, 2017 - 4:20am


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