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I have been annoyed with chewing noises, they don't have to be loud if I can hear it, it annoys me. I plug an ear in class to try to drain out some of the noise but it just distracts me like no tomorrow. I'm known to blow up at family members who eat around me and I know they can't help it and I know I make noise when I eat but I only can counter it by eating but that doesn't always work. and its not just food its like pen clicking, typing keys, shuffling of a leg. Also its not just auditory it also has to do with like if someone is shaking their leg or something that I can see rocking or anything. though sight is easier to tune out in the sense i can block my vision to not see it in class. But its not just class its other places as well. . . and sometimes I am more sensitive than others.

September 21, 2009 - 7:18pm


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