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Thanks so much for all of your kind words & wishes. That really, truly means a lot!!!!!!

I just went in for my pre-testing this morning. That involved filling out some forms, talking with a nurse, urine test, getting blood taken, and an EKG. It wasn't too bad. I had never had an EKG before, so that was interesting & didn't take long at all.

I know that fibroids are pretty common. In fact, since I have talked about this to others I have learned that a lot of people I know have or have had issues with fibroids. I really hope my information can help others.

I was thinking about something interesting with all of this. Before this and my other surgeries, I have always told my friends and family what was going on. With this surgery, though, I was able to tell my EmpowHer online family, too. I thought about the fact that this is pretty cool. I now have another support system that I didn't have before.:)

August 18, 2009 - 11:30am


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