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I was googling chemo brain specialist, and came to this page. I started reading it and recognized that this post is obviously mine. I had gone off and forgotten I ever posted here. It was a long while ago, now. For some reason, I don't even know, I never got to a neurologist until now. He gave me the wrong test--one for dementia--and said I did very well at it. I was so frustrated, as this has been such a long road with chemo brain. It has improved some, but I still deal with it to some extent. Wouldn't you know, though, in front of him, on that test, my brain was brilliant. But remembering three words for a minute is not my problem. Cooking dinner on two burners and in the oven, something is going to overheat, overcook, or out and out burn. If I don't get distracted and forget I am cooking in the first place, in which case it is all going to burn. But that was not on the test. Drawing a cube and naming a pencil and saying it is spring...give me a break. I want a specialist who knows how to deal with chemo brain, and I don't think a neurologist is the right person. I wish I could give a better report.

May 11, 2017 - 4:56am


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