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Wow...what a timely article for me. It's a year since my last chemo treatment and I've wondered if I'm losing my mind. I feel like I've "lost my edge": I can't seem to make decisions at work as quickly as I used to, I forget words while I'm speaking...right in the middle of a sentence! I leave letters out of words when writing, I find it hard to concentrate and I have to read a "cheat sheet" just to do tasks at work I've done a hundred times. I feel about as dull as a butter knife. I can't get to sleep or stay asleep without sleeping pills and I feel tired all the time. I've been telling myself it's all in my head, that I'm making things up, which just makes me feel ashamed that I can't "snap out of it". Thank you letting me know I'm not alone...or crazy. Cecile in Houston

August 18, 2009 - 10:37am


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