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The statistics truly are frightening. And yet we as a group seem much more frightened of a diagnosis of breast cancer; much more inconvenienced by a diagnosis of diabetes; much more open to change when we receive some diagnoses than others. It still startles me when, in a commercial or on a talk show, there is a young woman who has had a heart attack. My mind still wants to believe that it's an aberration (and it is, somewhat, when they are young).

One out of two means there are a lot of us running around with some aspect of heart disease whose parent(s) did not have it, I guess? Maybe that's another aspect of the denial -- we are a society very oriented toward what we've inherited. But our generation and those after us have been exposed to a lifetime of more fatty food, more obesity, more factors that affect the health of our hearts.

Thanks so much for your post. I look forward to more.

August 18, 2009 - 9:54am


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