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It most certainly can mean seeking out alternative treatments. I think it would work best in conjunction with such treatments.

To pursue a number of avenues and vehicles for healing is good sense. And many alternative treatments connect very well with this outlook, and incorporate mind-body techniques as part of their treatments.

To me, the key is not so much mind over matter but the realization that the output of the mind, IS matter, it is the healing chemicals, the T cells, the B cells, the natural killer cells. They are matter, but influenced by the thoughts of the mind. So instead of fighting against this process, we set out to harness it and make it work for us.

We set out to discipline our thoughts and feelings, to guide them, into the healing modes using our immune system for us rather than against us.

This process is happening all the time, between our nervous system and our immune system (also endocrine system though I haven't written about that one yet). The goal is to make it work to our advantage.

August 26, 2009 - 6:11pm


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