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Hi Anonymous,

I totally understand your suspicion of the psychosocial cop-out. I am leery and disillusioned with that stuff too.

This is different though. And while it's no quick fix or complete solution, I figure, if there are things within the realm of possibility that can make any difference, I'm for it.

This is not "positive thinking" or shaking it off and getting on with life as though we are lazy or depressed. This is looking at the impact that our own chemicals make on our bodies and our health.

I'm no expert by any means, and I'm sure my terminology is not medically correct but hopefully what I'm trying to say is coming through.

Look at it this way. If we're dealing for instance with a retrovirus like XMRV, it is activated or speeds up or whatever when the sympathetic nervous system is activated. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, this proliferation of retroviral activity is not increased.

So the more time we can keep the parasympathetic nervous system activated, the better the environment for physical healing in our bodies.

Once again, I probably have mangled the terminology. :)

October 30, 2010 - 4:39pm


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