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Hi !!!!!!
It totally amazes me at just how long some men can go without a shower. I dunno how they can even stand themselves, even if they just vege on the couch like a 'couch potato', besides their daily persperation [sweat] they also have all that testosterone comming out their pore's stinking up the couch their clothes and just about everywhere they touch. Then they wonder why we let them fall asleep on the couch everynight. Right, as if we/I want that smell in the same room with us/me. I LOVE my shower and my bath's, and often take more than one or even two sometime's a day. Refreshing Relaxing and Cleansing etc...... ahh...... so much out of soo little !!! Forever a sure constant in my life. Just like !!!ROCK-N-ROLL!!!
C-U-Girl'z !!!!!!

August 26, 2009 - 2:24am


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