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I wish we could give you an answer, but your symptoms of missing a period could either mean this is another irregular cycle for you, or you are pregnant, or you have a medical condition.

Since you have a history of irregular periods---have they ever been diagnosed? Do you know the reason for these (and if not, that is OK...some women naturally have irregular periods and that is normal for them). I just wanted to make sure that you see your Gynecologist on an annual basis, to rule out any type of medical condition.

Otherwise, sore breasts are indicative of hormonal changes, either an upcoming period or early pregnancy. Early pregnancy signs are almost identical to pre-menstrual signs, as they are both hormone-related. Since you "know" your body to such a great extent, some early pregnancy signs include sore breasts, complexion issues (acne), headache, fatigue, mild cramping/pulling in uterus, bloating, nausea, changes in mood, lower back pain. (I dislike providing this litany of symptoms, as inevitably after reading them, we all feel like we are pregnant!)

What type of natural family planning are you practicing (or, the new name is "Fertility Awareness-Based Methods...thought you would like that!) You can read about the different types at Planned Parenthood.

I'm curious how this method is working for you? It sounds like has been effective for you both, as this has been your method for 6 years, but I am wondering about how much stress this is causing, as it sounds like you have taken a few HPT (which could be stress-inducing to many of us, especially when coupled with the wonder and the wait). You did mention that you use other protection (condoms, I assume), which can increase the effectiveness of FAM from 75-88% effective to 98% effective (at preventing pregnancy).

August 27, 2009 - 2:51pm


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