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(reply to Alison Beaver)

Thanks Alison, I know I guess I'm gonna have to take a HPT to know for sure. My cycles have been irregular since I started at age 12 and my gyno says it's normal for me because they've been that way since the begining. I am over due for an exam though. My husband started a new job and the medical benefits will not start until January. I'm considering a visit to a local free clinic to get examined in the mean time just in case there is something medically wrong with me.
The type of natural family planning we practice is basically just being aware of when I ovulate by paying close attention to when my cycle should begin again, as well as observing ovulation through secretions. On those days, we either don't engage in intercourse or use condoms. I don't mean to be graphic or inappropriate but even when I'm not ovulating my husband never ejaculates inside of me. So I've always thought this was a fool proof method.
Yes, ever since my husband and I became sexually active with each other I have always been an overly cautious person just in case I was pregnant because I didn't want to do anything to harm the baby. This does cause stress on someone like me because of my irregular cycles.
Do you think I should wait until next month to test or should I do it now?

August 27, 2009 - 3:30pm


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