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SeeDandy1 -- I am so sorry that you are going through this. What are you doing to try and fix the issues the doctor left you with? Also, I am assuming you had a complete hysterectomy. But, just for clarification, was this what you had done? I, too, have been dealing with fibroids. In fact, the first doctor I went to said that he would want to do a hysterectomy (not sure what kind of hysterectomy he meant, but just hearing him say that freaked me out) on me if I was not interested in having any more children. I chose to get a myomectomy done with another doctor that I felt better about. I am currently at home recovering from that surgery, actually. I have to tell you that while it hasn't been easy, it has already been so worth it for me & the recovery process isn't as bad as what I have read and heard. I now want to look deeper into why my body created these fibroids and what I can do to try and make sure they don't come back. For me, that is going the naturopathic route to regulate my hormones and focusing on a better diet and wellness plan. I know you can't turn back time, but I hope that the community here can help you get back as much as possible to the life you used to know before all of this happened.

August 31, 2009 - 3:18pm


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