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Whooohooo! Thank you, all of you, for responding to my written story about myself. It gladdens my heart to know, as I said, I am not alone, and others do understand. Thank you, from Michelle to: Susanc, CharlotteSal, Angelica, Kelley, Tina T., Nancy Drew Fan, and forgive me if I have left anyone out. Get this - When I went and saw this GYN also (did not mention before), he said I needed the Hysterectomy, but while "I am in there; I might as well take your ovaries out. You are not going to have anymore children, so why have your ovaries in there also, and we should take those out. Also, while I am in there, I should take your appendix out. You don't need that, and then you won't have to deal with a problem of a appendisitis (sp.?). Plus, you have a birthmark on your labia; so why don't I remove that also?" I look back on this, and I feel he was trying to 'rack up' everything he could while performing a surgery on me for two small fibroids. Oh, and he gave me his scare tactics with the ovaries left in there. "You don't want to take the chance of having them still in there, and a possibility of cancer." I quote what he said. He said too - the appendix is not needed in the body, so why not have it taken out? Oh, and the birthmark on my labia. It never bothered me, or my husband. This is personal, but feel I can share anything here, and why not; being that, I truly want to share EVERYTHING that happened to me, in order to help advise and save another female from listening to doctors when they propose unnecessary surgeries, and also any doctor proposing what mine did with trying to make an extra 'buck' with doing other procedures, "since I am in there..." As I have said, and fortunately I listened to a friend before I had my Hyst., and she said to not let this doctor take my good ovaries, my appendix, my birthmark on my labia, and at least I was saved from this by listening to her. I would love to see the doctor's and hospital's bill, had I let him do these other procedures, had he talked me into it. It would, I feel, turned from a $22,000 dollar procedure into a $40,000 dollar bill with all done he wanted to do.

Oh, and I am sure his office staff checked. I had great insurance, but due to go away after the first of the year. I look back on this, and I was due to have to decide to go with COBRA after the first of the year, or not have any insurance. I was on disability leave at the time, and worked with a great stock brokerage firm, which provided great insurance I signed up for. It was just that, as I said, the insurance time was running due for me to make a decision, after the first of the next year, on going with another type of insurance. My point being, I am sure his office staff checked this out, and informed him that my great insurance with Aetna would lapse after January 1st, of the next year. No wonder he pushed for me to have my Hysterectomy done before December 31st! Pretty sick, huh? He told me I could not afford to have one more period, due to the fibroids, and losing blood with every period. How dare him, when I think I figured this out. He was pushing to get me in there, so my surgery could be ran through my great insurance at the time, and pushed for these other procedures also - "Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching"...
Looking back on this all, I am thinking if I approached him; he should feel so embarrassed to not give me more time; as he knew I had concerns; yet, he kept pushing, and pushing me to do the Hyst. right away, and here we go with putting 'faith' into a doctor, and believing in him. How awful, right? I did do this...
had full trust in what he was saying to be the best for me, and look at me now...

I would have been better off to let nature 'take its' course', and let those fibroids work and shrivel, and I know, in my heart, this would have been the better alternative - but he never once spoke to me about this idea... What a scare tactic he used with me also about cancer of the ovaries. How sick is this?
My ovaries were fine; yet, he still wanted to take them out. (Oh, get me going...)

Thank you all again. I am so thankful all of you have posted. I would love to talk with any and all of you, and have you share your experiences, and also wanting to get any advice which may be helpful. Bless all of you, I mean it! Please forgive me, I have not checked for 'Typos' on this. I wanted to get this sent.

Huge Hugs to all of you!!!

See Dandy

August 31, 2009 - 3:54pm


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