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(reply to joanna)

Hello Joanna, I had just sent my most recent reply, and now just read yours. I am so sorry, first of all, you are like all of us, dealing with this. Thank goodness you had this other kind of surgery. I will think positive thoughts your direction that you have a great recovery after this operation.

I am trying to research anything which may help me after this hideous and unnecessary operation I had done. I had my uterus removed, but told (and I still question) - after an ultra sound done afterwards which did not show my ovaries in there; yet, I told the doctor I did not want them taken out. The Tech. who did the ultra sound said that sometimes the ovaries do not show up in an 'Ultra Sound'. Strange, huh? I am, as I said, still questioning this. So, from what I was told, it was just my uterus taken. That was bad enough. How dare this doctor not give me alternatives. Now, mind you, I had this done on December 29th, 2003. I did do a bit of research before my Hyst., and came across an operation procedure called a 'Myectomy'. I mentioned this to this doctor, before my surgery. I received this info, via the Internet, from a Dr. Stanley West. He suggested to have this done instead of a Hyst., and this doctor got very mad that this Dr. West had emailed me and suggested this. This doctor of mine said, "How dare this doctor email you and suggest this, when has never seen you? No, you need a Hysterectomy, and need it done right away!" Isn't this interesting; in that, this doctor of mine did not go into this alternative presented? I was so naive, and as I have been stating; I put full faith into this doctor, and believed that if he said a Hyst. was best for me... that was the route to go, and right away; to not suffer anymore blood loss. I was anemic at the time. That was part of his scare 'tactic' also...

You take care, and please let me know how you are doing, and any advice you have will be appreciated so very, very much.

Huge Hugs,

See Dandy

August 31, 2009 - 4:15pm


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