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(reply to SeeDandy1)

Thanks so much for your wonderful and supportive reply. How odd that you don't know for sure if your ovaries were taken out!!!!!! My suggestion is to get a copy of your medical records -- from the doctor or hospital -- whomever has the info. you need and will release it. You need to know exactly what was done. It has been surprisingly easy for me to get any medical records I have needed in the past & very helpful. One of the things I have found during my doctor-shopping is that the options were not always presented to me in the best way & not all options were fully discussed. For example, there is a process called MRI-guided ultrasound that most doctors could not speak to fully because they did not know enough about it. Since I began discussing my fibroid issue, I have found out that many people I know have received hysterectomies because their doctor said it was the best route for dealing with their fibroids. It has truly amazed me. You are definitely not alone!

August 31, 2009 - 5:26pm


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