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Hello Everyone,

Joanna, you are right; in that, I need to review all my medical records and such. I have gotten some in the past, but hope you understand; in that, reading some of these medical 'transcripts', it is as if reading a foreign language to decipher. I am just so happy to hear you went this different route for your fibroids. I do, again, wish you the best on your recovery process. I know there could be more I could do with perhaps natural aides, but I went that route once, and bought items which I believe I just went to the wrong 'Natural Health and Vitamin' store for. I do not think the lady who helped me had ever had a Hyst., and she was, unfortunately, not the person to speak with. Don't get me wrong, and nothing against her. It just that, I want to hear from someone who says, "Yes, I know what you are feeling. I have been there, felt that, and this is what has been of tremendous help for me." Isn't this sad? I have to go to a 'Health and Vitamin' store to try to get aide from a doctor destroying my body? Again, I am all in favor of these stores, but how come a GYN cannot give me advice? I am not referring to the doctor who did this dasterdly deed to me. I am referring to the FIVE GYNS I saw afterwards for help. None of them offered up any help; except, one so called 'specialist' GYN who I saw, and drove 500 miles to see; told me I must have 'Fibromyalgia', and to be treated for that. (Give me a break!!!) He was also a "Wham, Bam, Thank You Maam" type of 'specialist'. I was so upset leaving his office! It was so hard for me to make that trip, and all the expenses involved also with hotel stay, gas, food, etc., and he took twenty minutes with me, after I waited an hour in the waiting room to see him, and oh, I bet he got his joy of seeing another woman and her legs opened 'spread eagle' to tell me this. Sorry, but it just irritates me that doctors do this, and call themselves 'specialists', and to have the end result with seeing him to get nothing from this. I was destroyed, emotionally, after that visit. I felt so lost, and I sat in my car at that hospital parking lot where he was located, and this was the fifth doctor I had seen for this, and just almost called my sister, who lived there, and had her pick me up. I actually did not feel safe to drive; I was that upset. All this due to a doctor doing a Hysterectomy on me unneeded, and passed me off to pursue other avenues. Oh, I did not mention that... After complaining for nine months after my Hyst. to the doctor who did it; he said, "Well, it just takes time for your body to heal after a Hyst., and you may just be one to take longer with your RSD situation." He kept that 'tune' up all this time after five visits with him, post Hyst., and he finally said to me, after this nine months, and me saying that something was definitely wrong with me, and I did not feel well or right at all - "Well, I have never had a patient have a problem after a Hysterectomy. You might be best to get another opinion." So off I went to see all these other doctors - just like this one. That day in the parking lot, and crying my eyes out; I did regroup, and summoned up everything my mother had taught me. "Never give up", she would say, and also "You have to muester up, at times, all your inner strength when faced with a crisis/dilemma, and show, whoever who has wronged you; you will not let them win. You crying will be them winning, so take a few steps back, regroup, and show them you are a 'Heron'." My mother's maiden name came from this, and her side of the family had many strong women. My mother would say, in different situations of dilemma; "What would a 'Heron' woman do? Remember your great, great, great (something like this) grandmother crossing enemy lines during the Civil War to get so desperately needed salt. Long story, but she did drive a pony and cart seventeen miles to get salt from drippings of meat on the ground from a camp of confederates. (Hey, nothing against the south...) She did this by herself, at night; but get this...she was a proud mother of twelve children. How did women do it back then? So, I remind myself of my great, great, great...grandmother Heron, and say, "I can hold onto some stamina given to me from the 'stock' I came from (during these weak moments when feeling betrayed, down, and such...).

Oh golly, I got going off on a tangent here, but had to share these thoughts, and my horrible moment there in the car that day, and feeling defeated by doctors. If I know I have saved a woman from having this destruction done to her body; I will at least feel mentally better that I may have had something to do with this. I hope and pray this ends, and wish all of you the best. Let me know what I can do with any help any and all of you can share. I feel we are 'comrades', and our voices matter, right?

I better go. My back hurts (one of the aftermaths of the Hyst.).

Huge Hugs,

See Dandy

September 1, 2009 - 1:50am


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