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It is so nice to know that women are being proactive with their on health care and becoming involved enough to ask the right questions and for not settling with physcians biased opinions. My opinoins are also biased from my perspective - which is always to assist in individuals to their deepest knowing space within as this is the only place true healing ever occurs. Using physcians to assist, vitamins, hormones, acupuncture - whatever healing modality you are drawn to - are only tools. The real healing occurs within the integrated self. Our culture takes away from our center and redirects our thoughts, actions and emotions to the outer world. The more of us that attain that level of self connection and self honor will always know the best route forward - whether it be surgery or conservative, no one outside can judge that. The pinnacle is to always make decisions from love not fear. Remember that conventional medicine is a fear based practice and has to be as they are saving lives and making critical decisions. When we are addressing perimenopause, menopause, post menopause, for example, we can move with it gracefully and honor the changes that are a normal process of life as this is not a life threatening condition (although many of you may disagree with this in the height of it :)). Thank you all who have embraced this very necessary dialogue. Blessings and health always, Dr. Ramsey

September 21, 2009 - 11:28am


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