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Of course it's ideal if people start their lives out with all organic and natural treatments but the reality is that as children we don't have control of that. If we don't know then we don't follow a natural life. For those of us who have discovered the need later in life, a pharmacy is necessary.

After years of listening to western medicine, my body became a wreck; that in tandem with poor diet and lifestyle. Once I made the decision to get everything sorted out and back in balance I had to find a pharmacy and naturopath who could get me back on the road to health. Dr. Albright has been my health mentor and has compounded bioidentical hormones and has also put me on a series of supplements that will bring balance back to my body.

For most women there is no getting away from those yearly exams with an OB/GYN. I wrote a previous article about helping your doctor understand natural health. https://www.empowher.com/news/herarticle/2009/06/10/can-you-help-your-doctor

There also comes a time when you need antibiotics on occasion ...life for an abscessed tooth so I still find the need to be friends with my pharmacy although I have worked hard to wean my family off of any meds and have done so successfully with the help of Dr. Albright.

August 30, 2009 - 10:14am


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