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hi Jody!

what are the chances that i google "cfs and blurred vision" and your article is one of the first i open!... love it!

my vision has gotten VERY bad as of late. i'm suspecting my change in habits, with going from being online just alot, to a WHOLE lot (with the small online business, now). very worried, as normally i get the blurred vision when my fatigue is EXTRA bad, but now it seems to be constant.

i'm avoiding an eye doctor, as the dilating drops are very toxic for me.

but also, i have never had my symptoms described so perfectly, as you always do. right here, this time:
"Our vision gets fractured. We can see, but what we see seems ... out of time somehow, broken up, blurry."

yes, "out of time"! more like being drunk, often, than anything else i know to compare it all to.

i will come back and reread. my vision has really been limiting my ability to read anything longer than a Facebook status or multiple comments, lately.

great article!;) as always!... i wish i could get them in book form!;)... i suppose i could print them out! never thought of that!;)

March 18, 2010 - 12:16am


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