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Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a bad time with your eyes. You have my sympathy.

You may have something different going on than me, but I'll share my experience with you anyway. I went to an optometrist, and found I needed slightly stronger glasses. That was early on, in 1999.

After I suffered a mean bout of vertigo a few years later and everything got substantially worse, I saw an ophthalmologist. He said, the problem wasn't with my eyes. He couldn't find anything that my regular glasses didn't take care of.

He said from what I described to him, the problem sounded neurological. In fact he said it was obviously neurological. But he said my eyes were functioning just fine ... just a little near-sighted.

And a little far-sighted. :-) I have one of each. But that wasn't new, my eyes have been that way since I was a kid.

Neurologist by the way couldn't find anything wrong. But he did make a point of saying, he has to tell people that every day. Neurology is a relatively new field he said and there is still so much they don't know. And he didn't want me to think that his not finding anything didn't mean there wasn't anything. Just that he could not find it.

He didn't doubt that I was experiencing exactly what I said I was, and he didn't doubt that my symptoms were real and distressing.

I've since heard about many far different responses alot of people have gotten from doctors and I realize how fortunate I was to find this guy.

Funny you should mention a book. My naturopath was just saying yesterday that she thinks it may be time to think about writing one.

Thanks for writing today.


March 18, 2010 - 8:36am


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